City Goat cheese recipe with beets.

Beet & City Goat Cheese Salad Recipe

This savory, tangy, sweet and earthy beet salad recipe is the perfect mid-week springtime meal. It’s easy to put together and looks fantastic on the table. The combination of the fresh beets and City Goat cheese are balanced perfectly together. Beet & City Goat Cheese Salad Ingredients: 1 Cup White Wine Vinegar Paprika 1 Pound … Continued


Bert’s Liptauer Deviled Eggs

Bert’s Liptauer Deviled Eggs Add our Liptauer cheese for a little something special. It’s robust, savory flavor adds an extra notch to any traditional deviled eggs recipe! Ingredients: 1 Dozen Eggs 1 6oz tub of Zingerman’s Creamery Liptauer 1 Tbsp minced shallot or onion ½ cup mayonnaise Salt and pepper to taste Paprika Anchovies (Optional) … Continued

Bagel + Smoked Salmon!!

Stay warm and comfy this month with one of our favorite recipes using our traditionally made cream cheese. Try a classic bagel with smoked salmon using our cream cheese as the creamy bed for this yummy traditional treat! This recipe is sure to cure those winter blues! Ingredients: 1 Plain or Everything Zingerman’s Bakehouse Bagel … Continued

Creamery Classics Cheeseboard

Zingerman’s Creamery Cheese Board Cheat Sheets

– Cheesemonger & CCP, Tessie Ives-Wilson The Holiday season is upon us and everyone loves a beautiful cheese plate to get a party started. However, it can be pretty intimidating to design one that’s Pinterest or party worthy. Don’t worry! We’ve provided you with a few helpful tips from our shop manager and Certified Cheese … Continued

preserves and cheese

Holiday Hors D’Oeuvres: Manchester & Leelanau Apricot Preserve

Similar to that of a French style Brie, our award-winning Manchester cheese does exceedingly well bake to a gooey perfection. With endless choices of toppings, you can make a wide range of both savory and sweet baked Manchester’s. Today, we will be focusing on a baked Manchester paired with Leelanau Apricot Preserve from American Spoon. … Continued

Yule Adore Our Cheese Of The Month!

December’s cheese of the month is the Manchester Family! The holiday season is upon us. It’s time for sharing, caring, and merriment! December is an important time to reflect on the important things in our lives and sharing quality time with loved ones. That’s why this month we are focusing on our nearest and dearest … Continued

Winter Squash & Burrata

Winter Squash & Burrata Here is one of our favorite fall dishes, highlighting our deliciously creamy burrata. Following the traditional style of Italy’s Lazio region, we fill a mozzarella balloon with heavy whipping cream and chunks of mozzarella curd for an absolutely decadent cheese. Baked into winter squash, our burrata creates the perfect side dish … Continued

Paw Paw Pulping

It’s Officially Paw-Paw Season

Finally, the hot weather has broken and it’s starting to feel like fall! The trees are beginning to show their colors and the apples are ripening to a crisp perfection. It’s also the start to pawpaw season! Last week, we were notified by our local hobbyist grower, Marc Boone that the first Pawpaws of the … Continued

Chestnut Napoleon

September Cheese of the Month

Chestnut Napolean It may be little, but mighty it most certainly is! Our Cheese of the Month is our Chestnut Napoleon! This delightful bundle of goat’s milk goodness starts out much like its predecessor, the Napoleon. However, this delicate cheese is swaddled in Michigan chestnut leaves that have been soaked in a mixture of Michigan … Continued

Have You Tried a Summer Cocktail Using Our Sorbet!?

Cool off with a thirst quenching creamery cocktail! What better way to cool off during the hot summer months than with a Creamery-inspired, summer sorbet cocktail? Whether you’re throwing a backyard bbq, hanging out at the lake, relaxing at your favorite cabin, or if you just need a moment of tranquillity and bliss, these delicious … Continued