September Cheese of the Month

Chestnut Napoleon

Chestnut Napolean

It may be little, but mighty it most certainly is!

Our Cheese of the Month is our Chestnut Napoleon! This delightful bundle of goat’s milk goodness starts out much like its predecessor, the Napoleon. However, this delicate cheese is swaddled in Michigan chestnut leaves that have been soaked in a mixture of Michigan red wines. All of these elements come together in a perfect marriage of creamy goaty goodness!

The Chestnut Napoleon is fashioned after the renowned southeastern
French leaf-wrapped cheese called Banon. With its soft, chalky-colored rind and
creamy interior, the chestnut leaves make our Chestnut Napoleon an
appealing and attractive choice for taking center stage on any cheese board.

Just in time for the approaching cooler weather and falling leaves this cheese is the perfect addition to any cheese plate. The leaves are a quintessential part of this
cheese’s creation, adding a lovely nuttiness to the flavor and fragrance. For a little bundle, it has a lot going on. The rind is semi-soft, and the texture is
buttery and dense, yet it has a delicious, gooey, almost runny quality about it.

For those who prefer a milder and less goaty cheese, one should eat the Chestnut Napoleon within two weeks. As the cheese ages, the texture of it will become softer, and the flavor more rich, savory and pungent. This little gem of a cheese would pair nicely with a crusty hunk of baguette. It’s also delicious with a variety of crackers and breads. One could also add nuts, dried or fresh fruits for a contrast in tastes and textures.