Bridgewater Cheese Log

Made from the same base curd mixture as the 8-ounce Bridgewater, we created the Bridgewater Log at the request of our restaurant and catering clients. While the snowy white the original snowball-shaped Bridgewater is beautiful in a cheese case or on a platter, it’s spherical structure is less practical on a larger scale. when you’re only using a bit at a time. While that cute little snowball of a cheese looks great in a cheese case, if you’re only using a bit of it at a time it tends to get a little difficult to work with. Showcasing the same luscious flavor profile of the original, the Log is easier to handle and also a bit denser in texture and facilitates easy slicing and serving. While the flavor profile of both formats of the Bridgewater is very much the same, we fell in love with how this sliced log looks on a charcuterie plate.


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