Cardamom Ginger Gelato

Freshly ground cardamom seeds help to create this warm flavor. The unique taste of the cardamom gives way to an intensely aromatic experience; while the luscious texture of the gelato base adds a soothing creaminess. Bits of candied ginger add the occasional “zing” of flavor.

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Fall, Winter



Gelato Serving Instructions

Gelato is best when served at 15°F to 20°F. For serving an entire 16 oz or 32 oz portion allow the container to sit in your refrigerator for 20-30 minutes, so that it can warm up for scooping. If you are going to take portions out and return the container to the freezer, use a hot ice cream scoop to remove your portions. Once the gelato has been warmed to serving temperature it is best not to refreeze, as the texture will be compromised.