Paw Paw Pulping

It’s Officially Paw-Paw Season

Finally, the hot weather has broken and it’s starting to feel like fall! The trees are beginning to show their colors and the apples are ripening to a crisp perfection. It’s also the start to pawpaw season! Last week, we were notified by our local hobbyist grower, Marc Boone that the first Pawpaws of the … Continued

Chestnut Napoleon

September Cheese of the Month

Chestnut Napolean It may be little, but mighty it most certainly is! Our Cheese of the Month is our Chestnut Napoleon! This delightful bundle of goat’s milk goodness starts out much like its predecessor, the Napoleon. However, this delicate cheese is swaddled in Michigan chestnut leaves that have been soaked in a mixture of Michigan … Continued

Back to School with our Cheese Style Series!

Every year around the middle of August I’m surprised when I go to the grocery store and the aisles around me proclaim that I need to be thinking about Back to School! Here at the Cream Top Shop, we are gearing up for our own version of back to school with a fall lineup of … Continued

Have You Tried a Summer Cocktail Using Our Sorbet!?

Cool off with a thirst quenching creamery cocktail! What better way to cool off during the hot summer months than with a Creamery-inspired, summer sorbet cocktail? Whether you’re throwing a backyard bbq, hanging out at the lake, relaxing at your favorite cabin, or if you just need a moment of tranquillity and bliss, these delicious … Continued

Our favorite way to bring in spring!

Oh Asparagus how we love thee…even more with a wee bit of cheese!   One of our favorite vegetables in spring is the asparagus. You can find these lovely little light green and purple stocks popping up around your local farmers market or your local grocery stores produce section. This simple spring vegetable is strong … Continued

l'amuse dutch cheese

Celebrate Women’s History Month This Month

Join us as we shine a light on women in the cheesemaking and dairy industries! When most people think of Dutch cheese, they think of Gouda. That classic red-wax-coated, cream-colored cheese is a staple on many breakfast tables and is usually the first thing to come into mind for most. At Zingerman’s we are reminded … Continued