The Royaleor: Our Mistake, Your Gain

Every once in a while we like to experiment with the recipes of our cheeses… Every *other* once in a while we make a mistake. For instance, we’ll use black tellicherry peppercorns instead of green tellicherry peppercorns in a soft-ripened goat cheese. We call these Royal Mistakes, or Royales for short.


The flavors of these happy accidents are usually super unique and tasty, but they’re not something we traditionally make. In this case, our Goat’s Milk Black Pepper Royales have a subtle mushroomy note, and their texture is slightly firm but very creamy—slightly creamier than a Bridgewater, to those familiar. To see if these new combination of techniques and flavors are something we want to pursue, we offer them at a discount to our customers. Visit the shop and get some of these Felix Culpae while they last!