Winter Gelato Flavors Are Here

Rocky Ride GelatoThis week, Josh’s latest seasonal gelato flavors went live in our shop. In addition to our usual line-up, we feature a selection of four rotating gelati that exude what we love most about each season of the year, and we’re super excited about these delicious wintertime treats which include:

Rocky Ride: Our take on an old standard, we start with a dark chocolate base then add both vanilla and chocolate marshmallows from Zingerman’s Bakehouse, and some in-house butter-roasted peanuts. (Pictured)

Chocolate Heat: An extraordinarily rich and smooth blend of our dark chocolate with cinnamon, ancho and cayenne. This slightly spicy gelato recalls classic Mexican chocolate, and for a unique treat we recommend using this as the à la to your strawberry shortcake’s mode.

Pistachio: We use 100% pure pistachio paste from the Piedmont in Italy to make this remarkably velvety traditional gelato. Because we want to showcase the amazing taste of the pistachios themselves, we use nothing but Calder dairy milk, Guernsey dairy cream, a little Demerara sugar to highlight the pistachio paste’s natural flavor.

Paul’s Peppermint: We use the very best peppermint oil we can find—Boyajian—and mix that in with some chopped-up Hammond’s peppermint candies for a very clean, bright mint flavor that is just ridiculous on freshly baked brownies.

We’ll be featuring these flavors through the end of February, and in March we’ll start to carry our Spring flavors. Stop by the Creamery to try these awesome wintertime sweets.