June Cheese of the Month – The Bridgewater

June’s Cheese of the Month is one of our most flavorful cheeses, the Bridgewater.  Made from fresh, Calder Dairy cow’s milk each week, this super-rich double cream is spiked with Telicherry peppercorns for a full-flavored peppery zing that perfectly compliments the slight citrus and gentle mushroom notes of the paste.

When young, the cheese is best with unflavored crackers or oatcakes.  It also makes an excellent addition to sauces.  As it ages, it develops a flinty texture and the pepper becomes more pronounced.  At this age, it is great sprinkled over salads or pasta, soups and sauces, and of course, all by itself!

Grab yourself a wheel of Bridgewater for $2-off all month long at both the Creamery and the Deli!  Only $7.99/each in June!

Summer Flavors are Here!

Luciano’s Lemon – made with luscious lemon curd from the Bakehouse
Coconut – chock full of Italian coconut paste
Ginger – studded with crystallized ginger bits
Cherry Chocolate Chip Sorbet – handmade chocolate chunks, Traverse City cherries and no dairy

Gelato at Your Door

And speaking of frozen delights, did you know that you can enjoy a big scoop of our award-winning gelato sent anywhere in the US?  Whether you are in SoHo, Memphis, LA, or Anchorage, our friends at Zingerman’s Mail Order got your back.  You can have a box of 6, hand-packed and handmade gelati dropped off at your front door!  Eating gelato is more of an event than a dessert – thick, luscious, and creamy, and certain to make any sweets lover swoon!

You can send a pack to friends, family, or yourself from here!

We’ll send six different flavors, twelve ounces of each.

Farmer’s Market Season is On!

2011 is our most-ambitious farmer’s market season yet and you will be able to find us in many of SE Michigan’s best markets.  We are thrilled to be bringing the Zingerman’s Creamery experience to 2 new (for us) metro-Detroit farmer’s markets, in Northville and Dearborn, as well as to our regular stomping grounds.

And to help kick off this monumental Summer, we are offering 2 farmer’s market exclusives:  full-flavored, handmade popsicles and gelato sandwiches.  Perfect to munch as you walk around the market!

Find us at these fine Farmer’s Markets:

WednesdaysKerrytown Market in Ann Arbor, from 7-3 pm

ThursdaysNorthville Market from 7-3 pm, Westside Market from 3-7 pm

FridaysDearborn Market from 8-1 pm

SaturdaysKerrytown Market in Ann Arbor from 7-3 pm and Eastern Market in Detroit from 7-3 pm

You can also find our cheese at the Ypsi Farmer’s Market on Tuesdays from 2-6 pm and the Canton Market from 10-2 pm.

Culture Magazine: The Word on Cheese!

If you aren’t familiar with this publication, Culture magazine is one of the oldest dedicated to the art of cheesemaking. They have published countless articles that are worthy of being in queue on any cheese-lover’s reading list. Earlier this year, Matt Rubiner of Rubiner’s Cheesemongors & Grocers in Great Barrington, MA came out to spend some time with us and wrote a great article on his adventures with the Creamery. Filled with drool-inducing shots of cheese and some expert wordsmithing, I’d love to invite you all to read the full piece.

Culture was kind enough to post a PDF of the article for you to download if you’d like to check it out. Thanks, guys!

Who We Are

Zingerman’s Creamery is dedicated to crafting handmade cheeses and gelato using traditional methods to both honor the rich tradition of the art of cheesemaking and create the most full-flavored products we can. Using local milk from both Calder Dairy and Green Meadow Dairy, low-temperature pasteurization, and lots of time to draw out and enhance the amazing flavors of the milk, we make our products to-order every week for our wholesale customers and our Cheese Shop.

We think all of that adds up to cheese and gelato with flavor that truly stands out. But while we may think you can really taste the difference, the only taste that truly matters is your own. We’d love to share a taste of what is exciting us for the day, or something that looks intriguing to you, whatever it is, everything you buy from us is 100% guaranteed. If you aren’t happy with your purchase, just let us know and we’ll get you another slice or scoop on us, or refund your hard-earned cash!

Founding Member of the Michigan Cheese Makers Cooperative!