Cheese of the Month

Cheese is one of the most dynamic foods on the planet. Deeply tied to the seasons, not only can cheeses change in flavor from month to month, they change batch to batch, week to week, and even day to day. While the modern age of farming has nearly severed the seasonal relationship people used to have with their food, artisanal cheesemaking has extremely strong ties to the changing months of the year. We have tailored a lineup of our favorites to offer at a special price in our Cheese Shop, chosen when they are at their seasonal best.

February’s Cheese of the Month – the Sharon Hollow

Made from fresh, local Calder Dairy cow’s milk, the Sharon Hollow is one of our most unique cheeses. In a cheese landscape riddled with fresh goat’s milk cheeses, you would be hard pressed to find many made of the milk from the humble cow. The production technique is quite simple and very traditional – a little rennet (enzymes) is added to the newly-arrived milk to set up the curd. Once set, the newly-coagulated curd mass is cut and ladled by hand into small round forms, alternating between a layer of curd and a layer of savory garlic and chive or garlic and pepper. Once brined and drained, the Sharon Hollow is born and ready to grace your cheese plate, thicken up your mashed potatoes, add flavor to your pasta sauces, or even paired with wine!

All month long, get 2 Sharon Hollows for only $9.99 at the Cheese Shop or the Deli! (regularly $6.99/ea)

Chocolate Gelato Month

The second month of the year for many folks in the Ann Arbor area has assumed a new name – Chocolate Month. There are few things in the food world that can excite the passions like chocolate and frozen desserts and when you put them together, magical things can happen. While we make a few delicious chocolate flavors all year round, every February we jump over to the dark side and go gaga for chocolate.

The lineup for 2011 is:

Check out the Gelato Page for the full details on the special flavors and even better, check out the Cheese Shop or Deli for a taste of chocolate nirvana. Flavors being made all February and available in March while supplies last so if chocolate is your vice, don’t wait too long to head out for a scoop or two!

CITY GOAT CONTEST – Winners Announced!!

First off, a huge heartfelt-thanks from all of us for the amazing submissions we received all through January. No lie, a few of them were recreated in my kitchen; they just looked so good I had to give them a taste. We had so many submissions that in the end we couldn’t pick just one. So instead of a Grand Prize Winner, we are presenting honors to First, Second, and Third Place with 3 special gifts.

1st Place goes to Brian Prodin for his amazing Goat Cheese Truffles. Brian has won a free seat in our March 27th Goat Cheese Tasting (a $25 value)

2nd Place belongs to Sze Yen Chan for a delicious Caramelized Onion and Thyme Tart, adorned with crumbled City Goat. A free City Goat with accompaniment of choice awaits!

3rd Place goes to Mindy Reznik for delightful Peach Preserve and City Goat-stuffed Pastries. She wins a handmade City Goat to either cook up or eat simply with some crusty bread.

Thanks again to everyone who participated in the contest – you can be sure there are more to come!

Here are all of the scrumptious entries – start salivating!

1. Porcetta stuffed with City Goat, caramelized chanterelle mushrooms, fennel, smoked bacon, and garlic.
2. Chicken stuffed with spinach and City Goat cheese
3. City Goat schmeared on a Swedish gingersnap, with dried cranberry and chopped toasted almonds
4. City Goat and homemade peach preserve pastries
5.  Fill Peppadew peppers with City Goat cheese, top with minced garlic, and brown under the broiler.
6. Veggie pasta sauce with tomatoes preserved from your summer garden, basil, garlic, peas, fennel, and City Goat for a light and creamy thickener.
7. Salad with quinoa, mixed veggies, avocado, olive oil, lemon, and fresh-garlic-infused-City Goat
8. Goat Cheese Truffles: Melt 6oz bittersweet chocolate, blend in 6oz City Goat, 1 tsp vanilla, and 2 Tbs confectioners sugar.  Chill, roll into balls and roll in cocoa.
9. Pair City Goat with sausage and olives
10. Fresh City Goat with cherries and brown sugar
11. Sweet potato and City Goat quesadillas
12. Combine City Goat, chicken, and broccoli in a pie crust and bake at 350F for 1 hour
13. Caramelized Onion-Thyme Tart with City Goat cheese crumbled on top!


Come on down to the Creamery Cheese Shop on Plaza Drive and enjoy special tastings, classes and tours with the folks who make and sell our American Cheese Society award-winning cheese. Check out our Events page for the full scoop!

Next Tasting:  Get Your Goat

Thursday, February 10 * 6-8 pm * $25 in advance, $30 at the door.  Pre-registration required.

Gather ’round, friends of the humble goat, for a cheese tasting crafted just for your discerning palate!  We’ll open up the fine and various world of goat cheese as we taste samples both soft and hard, tangy and smooth.  We’ll learn all about the properties of this milk, our relationship with our farmers, and the complex story behind goats’ milk scarcity during Michigan winters.  Come celebrate our favorite rambunctious ruminant and gain new appreciation for the whole range of their delicious cheese!

Price includes a coupon for 20%-off of your entire purchase in the Cheese Shop (that night only).

Mozzarella Classes

From September through May, you can learn with the masters of mozzarella how to make your own freshly-stretched fiore di latte at home! Whether you regularly make cheeses in your kitchen or have never set your eyes on a block of curd, we will guide you through all of the steps necessary to set fresh milk, cut the curds, and stretch ’em up into fresh balls of mozzarella and a couple truly special (and slightly decadent) regional Italian specialties.

Every Saturday from 12 – 2:30 at the Creamery! $50 at the door/$45 prepaid

Culture Magazine: The Word on Cheese!

If you aren’t familiar with this publication, Culture magazine is one of oldest dedicated to the art of cheesemaking. They have published countless articles that are worthy of being in queue on any cheese-lover’s reading list. Earlier this year, Matt Rubiner of Rubiner’s Cheesemongors & Grocers in Great Barrington, MA came out to spend some time with us and wrote a great article on his adventures with the Creamery. Filled with drool-inducing shots of cheese and some expert wordsmithing, I’d love to invite you all to read the full piece.

Culture was kind enough to post a PDF of the article for you to download if you’d like to check it out. Thanks, guys!

Who We Are

Zingerman’s Creamery is dedicated to crafting handmade cheeses and gelato using traditional methods to both honor the rich tradition of the art of cheesemaking and create the most full-flavored products we can. Using local milk from both Calder Dairy and Green Meadow Dairy, low-temperature pasteurization, and lots of time to draw out and enhance the amazing flavors of the milk, we make our products to-order every week for our wholesale customers and our Cheese Shop.

We think all of that adds up to cheese and gelato with flavor that truly stands out. But while we may think you can really taste the difference, the only taste that truly matters is your own. We’d love to share a taste of what is exciting us for the day, or something that looks intriguing to you, whatever it is, everything you buy from us is 100% guaranteed. If you aren’t happy with your purchase, just let us know and we’ll get you another slice or scoop on us, or refund your hard-earned cash!

Proud member of the Michigan Cheese Makers Cooperative!