Cheese of the Month

Cheese is one of the most dynamic foods on the planet. Deeply tied to the seasons, not only can cheeses change in flavor from month-to-month, they change batch-to-batch, week-to-week, and even day-to-day. While the modern age of farming has nearly severed the seasonal relationship people used to have with their food, artisanal cheesemaking has extremely strong ties to the changing months of the year.  We have tailored a lineup of our favorites to offer at a special price in our Cheese Shop, chosen when they are at their seasonal best.

January’s Cheese of the Month – the City Goat

The first honors of the year go to one of our most humble cheeses, our fresh City Goat.  Our riff on the traditional chevre round, the City Goat is a hand-ladled, fresh goat cheese with a clean lactic flavor that finishes with a citrus note.  The finish is clean and long with a texture that is flakey, crumbley, and creamy, helping to make this little cheese one of our most versatile creations.

We make the City Goat to order every single week for our Cheese Shop and wholesale customers, including Zingerman’s Deli, Mail Order, and Roadhouse.  They are at their freshest on Fridays when they are mere moments out of the molds and over the next week they continue to evolve and develop complexity.

Chocolate Gelato Tasting with Josh & Margo @Zingermans Deli

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011 7-9 pm $25/person

Join our intrepid gelato maker, Josh Miner, as he and Margo from the Deli take you on a ride through Chocolate Valhalla.  You will taste no fewer than 7 handmade chocolate-based gelati as Josh takes you through his favorite palate of flavors.  The enthusiasm for chocolate that Josh and Margo imbue will be succulently palpable and infectious.  Don’t miss this once-a-year chance to preview the February Chocolate Extravaganza that lies just down the path of days.  It’s a rare opportunity to talk with two experts of their respective fields and learn why their passion is so strong.


This month, in addition to being on special, our Cheese of the Month is also the focus of a contest!  As perhaps the most versatile cheese in the known universe, the City Goat abounds with possibilities – rolled in tarragon, layered with piquillo pimentos, drizzled with honey, stuffed into shells, crumbled over greens, stuffed in a burger…  We could go on all day but we really want to hear from YOU!  All month long we will be collecting your tastiest City Goat recipes, photos, and ideas and posting the highlights as they come.

They can be as simple or complex as you like and you can post them on our Facebook, tweet them to us, or drop them off in the Cheese Shop during your next visit.  At the end of the month, we’ll choose one idea for top cheese champion honors!  That lucky entrant will win a free fresh City Goat round and cheese shop accompaniment of their choice (a bottle of honey or a jar of fig jam, for example) – as well as, of course, eternal bragging rights.

All month long, grab a City Goat for only $5.99 at the Cheese Shop or Deli!


Come on down to the Creamery Cheese Shop on Plaza Drive and enjoy special tastings, classes and tours with the folks who make and sell our American Cheese Society award-winning cheese.  Check out our Events page for the full scoop!

Next Tasting: The History of Milk

Sunday, January 16 * 4-6 pm * $25

An epic account of that most vital of cheese ingredients, milk.  Learn about the wide variety of animals whose milk becomes fabulous cheese and why their diet, physical environment (or terroir), and time of year all vastly effect the cheese’s final flavor and style.  Go back in time to learn how we first came to learn that milk has a second life as cheese.  And you will taste a range of fresh milks and the cheeses they will ultimately become!

Call 734-929-0500 to make your reservation.

Mozzarella Classes

From September through May, you can learn with the masters of mozzarella how to make your own freshly-stretched fiore di latte at home! Whether you regularly make cheeses in your kitchen or have never set your eyes on a block of curd, we will guide you through all of the steps necessary to set fresh milk, cut the curds, and stretch ’em up into fresh balls of mozzarella and a couple truly special (and slightly decadent) regional Italian specialties.

Every Saturday from 12 – 2:30 at the Creamery! $50 at the door/$45 prepaid

Culture Magazine: The Word on Cheese!

If you aren’t familiar with this publication, Culture magazine is one of oldest dedicated to the art of cheesemaking. They have published countless articles that are worthy of being in queue on any cheese-lover’s reading list. Earlier this year, Matt Rubiner of Rubiner’s Cheesemongors & Grocers in Great Barrington, MA came out to spend some time with us and wrote a great article on his adventures with the Creamery. Filled with drool-inducing shots of cheese and some expert wordsmithing, I’d love to invite you all to read the full piece.

Culture was kind enough to post a PDF of the article for you to download if you’d like to check it out.  Thanks, guys!

Who We Are

Zingerman’s Creamery is dedicated to crafting handmade cheeses and gelato using traditional methods to both honor the rich tradition of the art of cheesemaking and create the most full-flavored products we can. Using local milk from both Calder Dairy and Green Meadow Dairy, low-temperature pasteurization, and lots of time to draw out and enhance the amazing flavors of the milk, we make our products to-order every week for our wholesale customers and our Cheese Shop.

We think all of that adds up to cheese and gelato with flavor that truly stands out. But while we may think you can really taste the difference, the only taste that truly matters is your own. We’d love to share a taste of what is exciting us for the day, or something that looks intriguing to you, whatever it is, everything you buy from us is 100% guaranteed. If you aren’t happy with your purchase, just let us know and we’ll get you another slice or scoop on us, or refund your hard-earned cash!

Proud member of the Michigan Cheese Makers Cooperative!