Cheese Shop Staff Picks

Here’s some holiday gift ideas from our staff that we’d love to share with you – favorites old and new from the cheese mongers and makers who spend every day with them!

Adina’s Pick – Fondue Fantasia

As Chief Tastings Officer, Adina has a wide-range of foodie loves but thanks to our most-recent tasting, she has found a new love – fondue.  It doesn’t get much more comforting on a cold winter night than settling in with some home made fondue for the evening.  Her go-to recipe is the traditional Swiss, with some Emmentaler and Comte (we have a younger-than-usual wheel in house that she loves in fondue) plus some great Fondue pots, cheese graters, and other accessories made by Boska.

Fondue Kit

Josh’s Pick – Michigan Paw Paw Gelato

Still our gelato guru’s favorite taste of the season, this obscure Midwestern fruit has become a local star in it’s new role as gelato ingredient.  The custardy fruit is de-seeded and pulped when we begin to receive the paw paws in early November and we will keep cranking out the trays until we run out of fruit, currently trending to be some time in the beginning of 2011.

Paw Paw Gelato

Mike’s Pick – Rush Creek Reserve

Mike is a softie and I guess it shows in his pick, the Rush Creek Reserve.  Made by our friends in Wisconsin, the Uplands Cheese Company, this is a recent addition to their repertoire.  Uplands has been making Pleasant Ridge Reserve for quite some time now, using the milk of their own herd only when they are out to pasture and selling the autumnal and winter milk to other local dairies.  This year, cheese-maker Andy Hatch began crafting these gorgeous little wheels, aping the French Beaufort-maker’s (the cheese Pleasant Ridge is modeled after) tradition of crafting Vacherin Mont D’or in the off season when Beaufort-production ceases for the year.

Rush Creek Reserve

Jack’s Pick – Ricki’s Cheesemaking Kits

As our longest-tenured monger, Jack has been selecting and selling choice cuts of cheese to guests for quite some time.  But during his impressive tenure, he hasn’t been presented with many opportunities to make cheese.  So, this year, Jack’s holiday gift pick is one of Ricki Caroll’s Home Cheesemaking Kits.  We were one of the first retail shops that had her cheese kits available and they have been a huge hit since day 1.  We have 3 varieties, Mozzarella & Ricotta, Hard Cheese, and Goat Cheese, available in the Cheese Shop.

New England Cheesemaking Home Kits

The possibilities are practically endless!

Happy Holidays from Your Local Cheese Makers and Mongers!