August Cheese of the Month

Sharon Hollow

Made from fresh local cow’s milk, there is no cheese quite like the Sharon Hollow being made anywhere else in the country.  The production technique is simple and traditional, a little rennet is added to the newly-arrived milk from Calder Dairy to set up the curd.  Once set, we hand-cut and ladle the curds into small round forms, interlacing scoops with fresh garlic and cracked Telicherry peppercorns, or garlic and chives, and allow them to drain.

Come on into the Cheese Shop on a Wednesday afternoon and you can treat yourself to a Sharon Hollow fresh out of the mold.  They are pleasantly tangy with a fresh, milky flavor perfectly accentuated by the herbs.  Try them stuffed into pasta shells and baked in homemade sauce, crumbled onto scrambled eggs or in an omelet, folded into mashed potatoes, crumbled on some Syaracuse salt potatoes, or simply on a toasted bagel.

All month long, get either flavor of Sharon Hollow for only $4.99!

Coming up in September, top honors are going to our first product, Real Cream Cheese!

Great Lakes Cheshire is Back

After a bit of a hiatus, our one-an-only raw cow’s milk cheese has made a triumphant return to our cheese counter.  These babies are just of legal age, nice and mild and easily accessible with enough character to please a hardened cheese afficianado.

Supplies are just a little bit limited as we wait for several more to reach the proper age, but I’m pretty sure if you are a fan of our first hard cheese, we’ll be able to help you out.  Only available at the Creamery right now, soon to be found everywhere!  $26.99/lb.

September 19th:  A Taste of Michigan!

Celebrate the bounty of Michigan-made and Michigan-grown foods with us on September 19th at 4pm.  There’s a small but burgeoning cheese-scene here in the Third Coast and this is your chance to taste what the state has to offer!  Michigan Cheese Makers Cooperative President, and gelato-whiz, Josh Miner will join us to discuss his role at the Coop and delve more deeply into the types of cheeses being produced in Michigan and the folks who make them.  And, of course, what’s great local cheese without some fine local fruits and other goodies to pair with them?  We will have a cornucopia of flavors from the Ann Arbor Farmers Market and and more to pair with some home-grown cheeses.

Reserve your spot: 734-929-0500
Sunday, September 19th, at 4pm.  $25 per person.

Coming next month – Apples & Cheese!

Farmer’s Market Season

There are few things more enjoyable than an early morning stroll through a bustling farmers market.  As markets become more and more prevalent around the country, we are reminded just how luck we have been to have so many great ones in Southeastern Michigan for so long.  From the beginning of the Creamery, farmers markets have been a huge part of what we do.  Well, tis the season for farmers markets, for sure, and you can find the Creamery or our cheeses at several around the area.

At our market stand, you will find a resplendent selection of our cheeses – Fresh and Smoked Mozzarella (with the occasional Burrata or Mozz & Myrtle, City Goats so fresh you could slap ’em, cow’s milk Sharon Hollows, and a rotating offering of our soft-ripened cheeses.

Find us at:
– Ann Arbor Downtown Farmers’ Market (Kerrytown) – Saturdays in April through December, Wednesdays in May through      September
– Ann Arbor Westside Farmers’ Market (Jackson and Maple Rds.) – Thursdays in June through September
– Eastern Market in Detroit – Saturdays in April through December
– And you can find our cheese being sold at the Downtown Ypsilanti Market on Tuesdays and the Canton Farmers Market on Sundays!

The Word on Cheese…

The most recent issue of Culture Magazine has a wonderful piece about us that we just had to mention. Written by our friend Matt Rubiner of Rubiner’s Cheesemongors & Grocers in Great Barrington, MA, and entitled Not Business as Usual, the article delves into the unique opportunities creating cheese in the middle of an industrial park on the south side of Ann Arbor present. Surely not the first site or building anyone would probably choose to start up a cheesemaking business, our unique situation has afforded us the necessity to adapt to our environment in some pretty clever ways, both as producers and retailers. And we really wouldn’t have it any other way.

Matt is a great writer and his voice really shines through in this piece. There are some great photos of Cheshire-making and drool-worthy shots of cheese that can really get that cheese itch itchy. Hope you enjoy!