Farmer’s Market Season

‘Tis the season for Farmers Markets and you can find Zingerman’s Creamery cheeses at several great ones around Southeast Michigan. It’s hard to beat a beautiful summer’s day spent wading through bountiful tables of produce, honeys, meats, and, cheese! So far it has been a great season and we are eagerly anticipating the bounty yet to come.

From us, you will find a great selection of our cheeses – fresh and smoked mozzarella, City Goats so fresh you could slap ’em, cows milk Sharon Hollows, and a rotating offering of our soft-ripened cheeses.

Find us at:

Ann Arbor Downtown Farmers’ Market (Kerrytown) – Saturdays in April through December, Wednesdays in May through September

Ann Arbor Westside Farmers’ Market (Jackson and Maple Rds.) – Thursdays in June through September

Eastern Market in Detroit – Saturdays in April through December

And you can find our cheese at the Downtown Ypsilanti Market on Tuesdays and the Canton Farmers Market on Sundays!

July Cheese of the Month – Fresh Goat Cheese!

The calendar has turned so that must mean a new Creamery cheese is taking top honors, and this month the spotlight is shining on our Fresh Goat Cheese. This is one of the purest expressions of the fabulous goat’s milk we get in every week from the MacDonald family. This cheese has a wonderfully light and fluffy texture with a cool creamy flavor. Made from pasteurized milk and traditional rennet, we have a new batch waiting for you every Friday at the Cheese Shop. Spread it on toasted bagels or caraway rye, serve it with celery sticks, use it to stuff Piquillo peppers, mix with honey and eat by the spoonful. It’s ideal for stuffing pasta with, or as a topping for already sauced pasta. Bake it into a goat cheese and tomato tart. Any way you eat it, enjoy!

All month long, get yourself a pound for $3-off the regular price! Only $10.99 for a full or $5.50 for a 1/2-pound tub!

Proud to be an American Cheese!

Join us at Zingerman’s Southside for a late-afternoon of cheese tasting, focused on the lactic lovelies of the good ol’ USA. Not too long ago, US cheese was merely a blip on the map but the past decade or 2 has seen a veritable explosion of amazing cheeses here in the States. We will take you on a journey through the history of American cheeses, from its humble roots to the world-class goat, cow, and sheep’s milk cheeses you can find in specialty shops all around the country.

The tasting begins at 4pm on Sunday, July 18th and will be held in the teaching kitchen at Bake!, right next door to the Creamery. Registration is $25. You can call us at 734.929.0500 to reserve a spot!

The Word on Cheese…

The most recent issue of Culture Magazine has a wonderfully wordsmithed piece about us that we just had to mention. Written by our friend Matt Rubiner of Rubiner’s Cheesemongors & Grocers in Great Barrington, MA, and entitled Not Business as Usual, the article delves into the unique opportunities creating cheese in the middle of an industrial park on the south side of Ann Arbor present. Surely not the first site or building anyone would probably choose to start up a cheesemaking business, our unique situation has afforded us the necessity to adapt to our environment in some pretty clever ways, both as producers and retailers. And we really wouldn’t have it any other way.

Matt is a great writer and his voice really shines through in this piece. There are some great photos of Cheshire-making and drool-worthy shots of cheese that can really get that cheese itch itchy. Hope you enjoy!