Get Ready for Camp Bacon!

Camp Bacon is a long weekend of bacon events at Zingerman’s Southside in Ann Arbor, MI on June 17-20, 2010.

This weekend brings the biggest event to hit the Southside yet, Zingerman’s Camp Bacon.  A celebration of all things bacon, starting Friday night when legendary R&B man Andre Williams threatens to tear the Roadhouse down with a live performance for the ages.  Fresh off of a European tour, Williams is stopping in town just long enough to throw down at the corner of Jackson and Maple, so don’t miss this opportunity to pair great American food with great American music.  And if you didn’t know, Andre Williams has a brand new album and a book.

Saturday brings Camp Bacon’s Main Event.  We’re bringing some of the biggest names in the bacon business to Ann Arbor to dive into our favorite subject.  Highlights of the Main Event include:

That’s just the first half of the day.  When 3 o’clock hits, the Camp Bacon becomes a street fair that includes tastes ofbacon from some of America’s best—Nueske’s, Benton’s, La Quercia, Ozark Mountain Trails and more.  We’ll be set up farmer’s market-style with some Creamery cheese paired with bacon, Maple Bacon Gelato and other goodies.  There’s no charge but participants are encouraged to make a $5 donation for the Washtenaw County 4-H program.

After it’s grand debut at the Gelato Kickoff, Maple Bacon Gelato will return for the bacon festivities.  Nueske’s applewood-smoked bacon is caramelized and spiced with pepper and a touch of heat before being folded into rich Maple gelato.  We do have some in the case now so if you didn’t get a chance to taste it over the weekend, be sure to give it a try when you are in.

June Cheese of the Month  –  Lincoln Log

This style of aged goat cheese was one of the first to catch on here in the States.  And while it is an aged, mold-ripened cheese, the fact that boucherons imported from France would often be several weeks, if not maybe months, old by the time they graced the case of the Deli and other cheese shops was practicaly a travesty.  So few knew what this type of cheese was truly supposed to be!

With that in mind, not too long after the Creamery began, John decided to tackle boucheron and add it to our repertoire and it has been one of our most popular cheeses since.   This dense, log-shaped cheese is about four inches in diameter and is covered with a thin, white mold. It has a very rich texture with hints of citrus, a mild goat flavor and a touch of mushroom finish.

All June long, enjoy some Lincoln Log for $2-off a pound!

Cheese Tasting:  The Beauty of the Bovine

Jersey and brown swiss and holsteins oh my! Dairy cowa provide th emilk for the majority of the world’s cheese, and this tasting is dedicated to their fine work! Learn why so much cheese is made from cow’s milk, he properties of this milk, and the different kinds of cow’s that produce it. Come ready to try some of our very favorites!

Sunday, June 20th *4-6 pm* $25* Call: 734-929-0500 for reservations

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