May Cheese of the Month – Detroit Street Brick

Named for the brick-paved streets in Ann Arbor where Zingerman’s Delicatessen is nestled at the corner of E. Kingsley and Detroit St., the Brick is a boucheron-inspired, green peppercorn-studded goat cheese with a dense, lemony paste and a snow white mold rind.   Twice an ACS award winner, the Detroit Street Brick has become one of our favorites at the Creamery and is one of our most widely-available cheeses in Michigan and all around the U.S.

We have been lucky to work closely with local goat farmer Todd MacDonald whose tireless efforts have continually raised the bar of quality in the milk we receive each week.  This is some of the best milk we have ever received and it really shows through in the flavor and texture of the cheeses.  I really like swapping out the customary cheddar on a cheeseburger for a nice slice of Brick and letting it melt up just a little bit before condiments and a bun are applied.  It’s great crumbled on salads, sliced on cheese plates, drizzled with olive oil and broiled, stacked on pizza, or just by itself.

All May long, the Detroit St. Brick is $3-off the regular pound price at the Creamery!  Only $22.99/lb.

Learn to Make Fresh Mozzarella!

EVERY Saturday through May you can get your cheese-learning on at the Creamery.  Come be a cheesemaker for a day as this 2-hour class is held right in the production department of the Creamery.  We will teach you how to make your own mozzarella from either fresh milk or finished curd and you will leave with the confidence and courage to make mozzarella in your own kitchen!

Registration is $45 per person and the class is held from 12-2 pm every Saturday.  Space is limited so reservations are required.  Give us a call at 734-929-0500 and we will get you all signed up!

Rinds of all Kinds

In this cheese tasting we will tackle the age old question, “Can I really eat that rind?”  Quite often, the answer is an emphatic yes!  We’ll talk about the various types of rinds, their functions, and the many ways cheesemakers encourage rind growth on their cheeses, and most importantly, we’ll taste ’em!  Discover how the rind is cheese’s most amazing and often delicious, built-in accompaniment.

Sunday, May 16th  *  4 pm  *  $25 per person  *  Call (734) 929-0500 for reservations