April Cheese of the Month – Sharon Hollow

There are few joys in life that can compete with the pure decadent delight of a rich and creamy fresh cheese.  And what better way to celebrate the start of Spring than a fabulous special on one of those tempting fresh cheeses…

The Sharon Hollow is a very fresh, flavored cow’s milk cheese. Cow’s milk is gently pasteurized, then slowly cultured and set over twelve hours.  The curd is then ladled into molds with alternating layers of garlic and chopped chives or garlic and fresh cracked telicherry black pepper.  The cheese are then drained for six to eight hours, brined for thirty three minutes and allowed to drain overnight.  They are then unmolded, topped with either chives or pepper and wrapped in paper.  The paper allows the cheese to breathe and slowly expel more moisture.

This cheese is great just on a cracker or for the ambitious as a filling for ravioli.  The Sharon Hollow is superb in mashed potatoes, pasta sauces, or broken up over freshly-drained pasta and drizzled with olive oil.    And since this is our favorite Spring cheese, we’ve decided to give top honors to the Sharon Hollow this month.

Pick one up for only $4.99 at the Creamery and the Eastern or Kerrytown Farmer’s Markets all April long!

Pashkas have arrived – Христос воскресе

You definitely don’t have to celebrate Easter to enjoy this traditional Russian Orthodox dessert.  Very much like an un-baked cheesecake, we start with our fresh cream cheese for this decadent dessert.  Fresh eggs and farm butter are mixed in, as are candied orange peels, raisins, and lemon zest.  After setting overnight, we hand-pack cheese molds with the mixture and press it for one more night until they are ready to eat.  Proving once and for all that cheese is meant to be eaten for dessert!  We do want you to know that Pashka contains raw eggs and it is frighteningly delicious.  Good thing it’s only available for a week!  They are in the shop today, April 1st, and will be available until next Wednesday or we sell out.

You can find them at the Creamery, the Deli and the Roadhouse, as well as the Eastern or Kerrytown Markets for only $9.99.  They easily serve 4.

Learn to Make Cheese: Fresh Mozzarella!

EVERY Saturday through May you can get your cheese-learning on at the Creamery.  Come be a cheesemaker for a day as this 2-hour class is held right in the production department of the Creamery.  We will teach you how to make your own mozzarella from either fresh milk or finished curd and you will leave with the confidence and courage to make mozz in your own kitchen!

Registration is $45 per person and the class is held from 12-2 pm every Saturday.  Space is limited so reservations are required.  Give us a call at 734-929-0500 and we will get you all signed up!

Get Your Goat!

Sunday, April 18 * 4-6pm * $25/foodie

Join us on Sunday, April 18 at 4pm for an all-goat festivus of cheese.  We’ll taste goat cheeses soft and hard, tangy and smooth, and talk about all things goaty- from the rambunctious animal itself, to it’s delicious milk, all the way to finished cheese.  Whether you are a goat cheese veteran or new to the cheese world, we guarantee you’ll leave with a new appreciation for this feisty beast!  We’ll be tasting cheese made right here at the Creamery from local milk as well as some of our favorites from around the US and the world.

If you are a Facebook-inclined foodie, click the link above to be taken directly to the Event.