February’s Cheese of the Month – The Marvelous Manchester!

One word comes to mind immediately as you bite into a piece of this lovely, double-cream cow’s milk cheese – luscious.  A silky-smooth paste encapsulated in a buttery-yellow rind, the Manchester is a testament to all that is wonderful about milk.  We take raw Calder Brothers Dairy cow’s milk, gently pasteurize it to maintain as much of it’s original integrity as possible, set and age it to near-perfection.

Like all cheeses, the Manchester is best served at room temperature to allow its true essence to shine through with each and every bite.  Depending upon its age, it can run the gamut from uber-soft and creamy to firm.  Don’t be alarmed if you see a bit of blue or green mottling, that’s perfectly normal.  Cheeses with this type of rind can create a hospitable environment for ambient molds and it is these slight imperfections that may turn a great cheese into a spectacular one.  That’s always been the beauty of cheese to me, the differences you can find batch to batch, week to week, and even day to day.

The Manchester is also one of our most versatile cheeses.  There’s no-holds barred when it comes to applications.  From simply sliced and eaten plain, baked in puff pastry with a light dusting of Demerara sugar or a layer of banana chutney, to grilled in a ham sandwich (aptly named the Hamchester by our friends at Mail Order), the only limits are your imagination!

All February long, pick yourself up a wheel of the Manchester for only $9.99!  That’s $2-off the regular price but comes with every bite of it’s wonderfully full flavor.

City Goat “2-fer-$10”

It’s hard to beat a cheese so fresh that you could slap it!  Our City Goat is our own chevre, made the old-fashioned way, from farm to cheese in less than 24 hours with hand-cut and ladled curds.  The City Goat is a fresh cheese with an amazing brightness and vivid tanginess.  Dress it up by rolling in fresh rosemary or thyme for a decorative and delicious appetizer.  Drizzle with honey and decorate with slivered almonds in order to experience the world of cheese, as dessert.  You can get super-creative with this one and all this week, they are on special, 2 City Goats for $10.

Some Like It Hot!

Want to be more adventurous with your food?  Cheese is a magnificent way to slowly up the spicy ante!  Join us for this month’s Creamery Tasting and eat your way through the many ways your cheese-eating experience can be augmented with a little heat.  We’ll ease you in with our Detroit Street Brick with a just a slight green peppercorn kick and take you all the way to Harissa Cream Cheese.  And then we’ll cool you down with a little gelato, Chocolate Heat gelato that is…  We’ll give you some great pairing ideas and you might just find that a “spicy dish” can still please everyone at the party.

The Tasting will be held on Sunday, February 21st from 4-6 pm.  The cost is $25 and will be held in the Bake! classroom next door to the Creamery at 3723 Plaza Drive.

Saturday Mozzarella-Making Classes

EVERY Saturday through May you can get your cheese-learning on at the Creamery.  Come be a cheesemaker for a day as this 2-hour class is held right in the production department of the Creamery.  We will teach you how to make your own mozzarella from either fresh milk or finished curd and you will leave with the confidence and courage to make mozz in your own kitchen!

Registration is $45 per person and the class is held from 12-2 pm every Saturday.  Space is limited so reservations are required.  Give us a call at 734-929-0500 and we will get you all signed up!

Update:  February is all filled up except for the 27th, which is over half-filled.  If you’d like to join us this month, just give us a call!

Update: February’s classes have been filling up with a fury!  The 2/6 class is sold out and just one spot remains for the 13th (the 13th has sold out as well!) and the 20th is already over half-filled.