Jaunary Cheese of the Month!


The Bridgewater

A rich and dense mold-ripened cheese, studded with freshly cracked Telicherry black pepper.  The Bridgewater combines a slight citrus flavor with the bold spice of fresh pepper, finishing with gentle hints of mushroom.  The Bridgewater is a pasteurized cow’s milk cheese aged about 7-10 days before they are sold and can be aged for up to 2 months.  When young, they are very creamy and slightly crumbley and with a little age they become firm, dense, and fudgey.

When young, the cheese is best with unflavored crackers or oatcakes. It also makes an excellent addition to sauces.  As it ages, it develops a flinty texture and the pepper becomes more pronounced.  At this age, it is great sprinkled over salads or pasta.   Regularly priced at $9.99 each, all January long the Bridgewater is only $7.99 at the Creamery.

From Ann Arbor with Love!

Join us for the first Creamery Tasting of the decade!  Sunday, January 17 from 4-6pm is the time, the Bake! classroom next door to the Creamery is the place.  We’ll guide you through the history and science of cheesemaking and give you a tour of the wide-variety of cheese we make right here at Zingerman’s Creamery.  Registration is $25.  Drop us a line and we’ll get you all signed up!

Mozzarella-Making Saturdays

Every Saturday through May, join us at the Creamery for a two-hour class during which you will learn to make mozzarella from curd and fresh milk.  We’ll show you how to make two traditional Italian specialties: Burrata and Mozzarella & Myrtle as well as hand-shaped mozzarella balls.  You’ll leave the class with the knowledge and confidence to make mozzarella in your own kitchen.  $45 in advance/$50 at the door.

Sunday Tours

Our cheesemakers lead the whey and give the scoop on how we make artisan cheese and old-fashioned gelato.  You’ll receive a $5 coupon to spend in the shop after the tour.  Fun for kids of all ages, come on down and learn how we do what we do!

Reserve your spot for any of our Tastings, Tours, or Classes by calling (734) 929-0500!