Fondue Party

Oh, these cold, rainy, late November-early December evenings.  They make me want to put on twelve layers of long underwear and go into deep hibernation.  Or, equally as comforting, much more delicious, and far less solitary: make a warming pot of fondue!  As luck would have it, a big, beautiful piece of Emmentaler, the classic Swiss cheese with a light yellow hue and plenty of holes, has recently arrived in our shop and is begging for the fondue treatment.  (It’s also begging to be part of a Reuben, alongside corned beef, Russian dressing, sauerkraut, and rye bread, if that’s more your style.)  This Emmentaler has none of the sourness you sometimes get from vacuum-sealed versions; it has a very slightly sweet, balanced flavor and practically melts on your tongue.  Combine it with a healthy hunk of Comte, a nutty, French gruyere-style cheese from the Jura Mountains, a bit of flour, a clove of garlic, and a couple cups of white wine and you’ve got the makings of a fantastic pot of fondue.  Rub your pot with the garlic, cut the cheese into small cubes, get your stirring arm ready and invite your pals to come watch the magic happen as the cheeses melt down together into the ultimate comfort food.  Gather ’round the fondue pot, stab cubes of crusty bread with fondue forks and dip away!  Guaranteed to beat back the winter blahs, at least for a while.
Make it in your pajamas for extra coziness.

***Read more about mountain cheeses and fondue recipes in Zingerman’s Guide to Good Eating!***

Cheese Tidbits: Keep a lookout for info on our next Creamery cheese tasting (including lots of pairing ideas, cooking tips, and creamy bites to eat) coming soon!

Gelato Tidbits: Now that the Zingerman’s Coffee Company has opened its doors right next door to us, your scoop of vanilla gelato has a new best friend: just take your scoop on over and have the talented baristas cover it with a shot of hot espresso.  It’s called an affogato.  It’s terrific.