Sharon Hollow Serendipity

Despite deceptively September-like beginnings, we are indeed knee-deep in cheese_sharonhollowNovember, with perhaps the most food-centric holiday of them all looming splendidly on the horizon.  There are few things in life more joyous than gathering around a table laden with steaming plates of colorful foods and the smiling faces of friends and family.  It’s hard not to think of family this time of year.

Integral to the Creamery’s family is the mixed herd of cows at Calder Dairy.  Each bovine beauty is very much an extension of both our’s and the Calder brother’s family.  And this time of year is when their milk really begins to shine.  For that reason, the Sharon Hollow has been bestowed the honor of the Creamery’s November Cheese of the Month.  It may not be exactly serendipity, but this time of year is when cow’s milk happens to be at it’s best, and few cheeses let the beauty of Calder’s milk shine like the Sharon Hollow.

Laced with garlic and spiked with either freshly chopped chives or cracked Telicherry black pepper, the Sharon Hollow is a fresh cow’s milk cheese formed in a cylindrical mold.  It is very curdy, knitting loosely together as they drain over-night.  Very few creameries are turning out fresh cow cheeses, so we thought it would be a unique item to bring to market.  I’d be hard pressed to choose a favorite flavor between the two.  I love adding them to mashed potatoes, pasta sauces, cream soups or bisques, or just simply spread on some crispy crostini.

All November long, both Sharon Hollows are only $4.99 at the Creamery!

Thank Goodness for Dairy!

This Sunday, November 22nd, will be the first in a recurring monthly series of tastings at the Creamery.   Eat your way through all kinds of ideas for dressing up your Thanksgiving dinner with cheese.  Whether it’s a bite of Cheshire smothered in candied lemon and fig chutney, a baked mozzarella braid wrapped in myrtle, or a scoop of pumpkin gelato paired with sweet corn cakes (ok, that last one’s not a cheese, but we don’t think you’ll mind…).  The tasting begins at 4pm, the Creamery will stay open late for tasting participants.  And you’ll get 20% off your entire purchase that evening!  Reserve your spot at 734-929-0500.  $25 in advance, $30 at the door.

Home for the Holidays!ggel_02

Unfortunately, not everyone can make it home for the holidays.  Things come up, stuff happens as they say.  But, that doesn’t mean you can’t still get that gelato to your loved ones that you were hoping to bring home to scoop on top of a slice of Mom’s pumpkin pie.  Zingerman’s Mail Order is offering a 6-pack of Creamery gelato, all packed up tight for delivery all over the U.S.  The box contains our Thanksgiving-inspired Harvest Pumpkin, MI Blueberry Sorbet, Paw Paw and 3 other all-time favorites.  Click here to order!

No matter what your plans are for the holidays, we hope to see you at the Creamery or Farmer’s Markets to help you get together some goodies for your Thanksgiving spread.  We will be offering some great specials in both the Cheese Shop and markets, so stay tuned for what’s on tap!