Blessed are the Bloomy Rinds!

There’s a surplus of cheese at the Creamery right now (just in time for Thanksgiving, conveniently!) and the sales are just as bountiful.  We’ve got deals on our trifecta of bloomy-rinded snowy-white cheeses: the Lincoln Log, the Detroit Street Brick, and the Bridgewater.

For a limited time, quarter- and half-pound hunks of Log are on sale for $5 and $10 each, which would easily feed between four and eight people for an easy appetizer.  Slice this creamy, citrusy aged goat cheese thickly into rounds and drizzle honey on top, or stick it under the broiler for a moment and serve with roasted red peppers.

The Brick, a similarly aged goat cheese, is sporting crushed black pepper throughout, a rare and slightly spicier departure from the usual green pepper.  We have marked this special batch with a really great price – $19.99 per pound down from $25.99.  This cheese is fantastic crumbled onto a salad or melted on a burger or steak.

Finally, the Bridgewater: a double cream cow’s milk cheese studded with black Tellicherry pepper.  Its domed, snowball-like appearance, with three whole black peppercorns adorning the top, make it a stand-out addition to a cheese tray.  It’s great on thin, crispy crackers – very rich with just a little kick, and we’ve had at least one very happy guest prepare a decadent au gratin with it.  This week, the Bridgewater is a full 50 percent off.  That means just $5 per splendid, velvety round.  These are sure to sell out, so get yours quick.

As always, our cheeses are made with local milk and cream, in small batches, and entirely by hand.  If you want true artisan Michigan cheeses to grace your table this year, look no further than your little neighborhood Creamery.