The Second Coming…


Great Lakes Cheshire

Cheshire is one of the oldest recorded cheeses.  What was once a myriad of different recipes based on the given season’s milk, has whittled it’s way down to just a few styles still in prominence.  There was a time not to long ago when agriculture was deeply tied to the seasons and this of course translated into cheese as well.

The recipe we use for Great Lakes Cheshire is based on a winter recipe, developed for cold months when milk keeps longer and the pressure to preserve milk from spoilage (i.e., make into cheese) isn’t as great.  These winter recipes ripen more quickly and often have a tangier and younger taste.  The raw milk we get from Calder Dairy is perfect for this recipe, one I learned from Welsh cheesemaker Leon Downey.  And it was actually the first cheese I made for sale back in the days of the Loomis Cheese Company.  Long story very short, there weren’t a ton of markets available to the artisan cheesmaker in the 80’s, but Zingerman’s Deli was always one to trumpet the virtues of a local cheese, and I sold the Great Lakes Cheshire to Ari and Paul back in days when it was hard to sell a cheese with a name no one had ever heard of.  Little did I know that these humble transaction would lay the foundation for what would one day become Zingerman’s Creamery.

This month we feature the Great Lakes Cheshire as our cheese of the month.  Next time you are in, give it a taste.  I’ve been enjoying it with some slices of felino salame, really tasty.  For December, the cheshire will be priced at $22.99 instead of the regular $26.99/pound.  We hope you enjoy it!  And, just in case you happen to live outside of the Ann Arbor area, Zingerman’s Mail Order carries the Great Lakes Cheshire.  Click here to jump over to their website for all of the full-flavored details.

Eastern Market


It was an amazing first season at the Eastern Market.  And we are excited to make our first foray into a wintertime farmer’s market.  It’s been great to taste cheese with so many new people and be part of such a vibrant community of vendors, growers, and people.  I think we will be shifting spots in the Shed a bit in the coming weeks so stay tuned to the website for any changes.  We’ll be sure to post them on the front page.

Hope to see you in Ann Arbor or Detroit soon!

Become a Cheesemaker

Our Mozzarella-Making Classes are in full swing.  Nearly every Saturday you can join us in the production are of the Creamery to learn how to make your very own mozzarella.  While not easy, making mozzarella is pretty simple and definitely something anybody could learn.  Interested?  Drop us a line at (734) 929-0500 to get signed up or ask any question you may have.  Pre-registration is required and classes fill up pretty quickly.  The cost is $45 per student and the class is held from 12-2pm, right here at the Creamery.