For the Love of the Log

lincoln_log_creamery_goat_cheese_low-resThe Lincoln Log is one of our first mold-ripened cheeses and has always been one of my favorites.  This boucheron-inspired goat cheese was one of our most requested cheeses when the Creamery began and I think we’ve done this French classic some justice.  Made with pasteurized goats milk, the Log develops a nice bloomy white rind the envelops a dense, fudgey paste with some hints of citrus and a bit of mushroom in the finish.  The type of cheese has been brought into the states from France for some time but we think we have one clear advantage at the Creamery- location.  While mold-ripened cheeses can last for several weeks in great condition, I think they are amazing at about the 10-14 day mark.  We make a new batch of the Log every week and try and have a nice range of age on hands at all times.  The next time you are in to taste, give the same cheese at different ages a try and see what you think of the difference.

So we thought it was fitting to kick off our new Cheese of the Month plan with one of our very favorite cheeses.  For all of August, the Lincoln Log will be priced at a discount in the Cheese Shop, only $21.99 a pound.  Next time you are in the Cheese Shop try giving it a taste.  Next month we will be featuring the Detroit Street Brick.

My favorite way to cook with the Lincoln Log is to slice some in 1/4 inch pieces, add some piquillo peppers, and drizzle with a little good olive oil.  Stick it under the broiler for about fifteen seconds and you’ve got a great, quick appetizer.  The warming enhances the goat flavor and it’s very good on a crusty  baguette.

The Manchester

I also wanted to mention The Manchester.  This cheese has evolved quite a bit over time and I think it’s present incarnation is about the best it’s ever been.  We’ve made several key adjustments to our make procedures over the past year and they have had a profound impact on the cheeses.  I think the Manchester really came into it’s own thanks to this.  They have a gorgeous yellow rind with a white dusting and a creamy paste that has a delicate earthy flavor that become more pronounced over time.  The rind firms up a bit over the first week it is out of the aging room and I really enjoy how the cheese matures.  It’s a great one to bake into a puff pastry with a chutney or preserve.