Sometimes you just want a brick of good cheddar to melt into mac’n’cheese and eat in your pjs.  At the Creamery we enthusiastically applaud and encourage this action.  Our 1-derful 1-year old Vermont cheddar selected just for us at Grafton Village, for example, would do just the trick.  But sometimes you want to throw a little party, show off your connoisseur skills and kick it up a notch.  We want to help you do that too.  There are quite a few gems on our dry goods shelf which, paired with the right cheeses, make for a quite a fancy little feast.  Here are just a few suggestions!

-Rip and dip Paesano bread from the Bakehouse into our buttery, affordable, conveniently packaged Travel Olive Oil.  Better yet, call ahead and request that we whip you up a batch of bocconcini, the miniature mozzarella balls we love to drizzle in olive oil, sprinkle with black Tellicherry pepper, and pop into our mouths with a hunk of bread or all by themselves.

-Make one of our snowy-white, double-cream Bridgewater rounds the centerpiece of your cheese tray.  Surrounded by thin, crispy Carr’s crackers, the black pepper flecks throughout the cheese will provide just the right amount of color and kick.

-Spread or crumble our fresh City Goat chevre onto your next pizza pie, and while you’re at it, pick up a tube of our yummy, salty Anchovy Paste from Parma (a steal at just $5.99/tube), and you’ll have a mighty dressed-up pizza in no time.

-For a brunch treat, spread toasted Bakehouse Farm bread with our award-winning traditional cream cheese, then top it off with a dab of spicy-sour orange marmalade.  Cheese loves a bit of sophisticated citrus.

-Stick a split baguette, cut into fourths and topped with our ultra-creamy Manchester cheese and sweet piquillo peppers, under the broiler just for a minute or two: a scrumptious twist on bruscetta.

-Pair our smooth, goat’s milk Detroit Street Brick with a jar of bright green Lucques olives.  The Brick is studded with cracked and whole green peppercorns and covered with a fluffy white earthy rind.  Its melt-in-your-mouth paste balances the firm meat of the olive.

-Liptauer cheese – our fresh, tart farm cheese mixed with spicy Hungarian paprika, capers, caraway, garlic and a bit of anchovy from our dry goods shelf – is my choice for best a quick and impressive appetizer option when matched with the Bakehouse’s soft pretzels or a no-nonsense bread like Pumpernickel or Rye.  The pepper in this spread keeps giving, long after you’ve taken your last bite.  Your guests will adore you.

-Or skip the appetizers and just stroll down to the gelato case for a classy dessert.  A scoop of Hazelnut would do the trick.  Garnish it with a sprig of mint, or with berries later in the summer.  (If there’s any left over the morning after your soiree, put it on top of your waffles at breakfast.  Yippee!)

Thanks for reading!