Art Fare

Perhaps one of the biggest local events of the Summer, the Annual Ann Arbor Art Fair is rapidly approaching.  And this year, we will be there showing off our very own Art Fare- Zingerman’s Creamery Gelato.  We will be in front of the historic Michigan Theater for the whole time, slinging handmade gelato, sandwiches made with our cheese, brownies from the Bakehouse, and other ZIngerman’s products.  Check us out if you want a tasty treat to cool you down as you browse through all of the amazing art!

Art Fare Contest

We will be running a fun contest during “Art Fare” Week with some tasty prizes for the winners.  If you visit our booth in front of Michigan Theater for a scoop of gelato, you will receive a coupon for our Cheese Shop.  To be entered, all you need do is bring the coupon to the Cheese Shop.  You’re welcome to use it to buy 3 gelati for the price of 2 but, no purchase is necessary to be entered into the contest.  There is a map on the back just in case you’ve never been to the Creamery before.  We are just a scones throw away from the State St. exit of I-94.

We will be giving away a $50 Zingerman’s Gift Card to the 1st Place winner, a 6-pack of Gelato delivered to your door for 2nd Place, or a special “Art Fare” t-shirt for 3rd/4th/5th Place.

The winners will be announced on the front page of the website on 7/20/09.

Good luck!



Fresh Goat Cheese

This month we’ve been really focused on our fresh goat cheeses.  The milk we get from the McDonald farm has been just fabulous lately and it really shines in the fresh cheeses.  There really is a tremendous difference in flavor between the extremely fresh milk and goat milk that is even just a few days old.  We’re very lucky to be able to get our hands on such fresh milk.

To help celebrate this fantastic cheese, we will be featuring it in the Cheese Shop at a very special price:

Fresh Goat Cheese  $10.99/lb.

We also have a great Harissa and Fresh Goat Cheese spread for $11.99/lb.

Farmer’s Market

The Farmer’s Market has been going strong and we’re excited for the rest of the summer.  Mike B. is at both the Wednesday and Saturday Kerrytown Markets and the Westside Farmer’s Market in the Roadhouse parking lot, and every week the stalls are brimming a little more with fresh produce and other goodies.

We also are extremely excited to announce that we will be at the Eastern Market in Detroit, beginning on July 18th.  The details are not fully fleshed out quite yet, but stay tuned for more info to come!

Great Lakes Cheshire

Great Lakes Cheshire

When we think of Cheshire we think of the crumbly, light peach colored cheese of Shropshire, England. All right, most everyone else thinks of a grinning cat, but in the cheese world, Cheshire is exemplified by the Appleby’s of Shropshire. Many more years ago than I care to admit, I was able to spend time making a cheese near Fishgard, Wales with a great cheese maker who, having tired of his role in the symphony in Manchester, purchased a farm and set out to make cheese in the remote, rain drenched Welsh coastline. Leon Downey resurrected and refined an old Cheshire recipe, which yielded slightly different results than the usual Cheshire. The recipe had disappeared during World War II due to its fast ripening nature and the government’s inability to rapidly distribute the cheese during those food-rationing years. Our first batches of this raw milk, aged cheese is now ready for eating. The cheese has a slight tartness that goes very well with chutney or preserves on Zingerman’s Bakehouse Farm bread.