Fresh From the Brine!

One of the most jubilant parts of every morning here at the cheese shop is the moment the fresh mozzarella balls come out of the brine and we get to cut into one – still warm! – and taste it.  When it’s this gleaming new, you can still taste the grain of the crystals of salt, part dissolved, and the cream spilling out of the cheese as you bite into it.

As most of you mozz-ball fans who frequent the Creamery or our farmer’s market booth know, we always strongly recommend eating our mozzarella the day it’s made.  Refrigeration greatly lessens its sinuous texture and decadent creaminess, qualities which have been known to cause even the most refined foodies to chomp their mozzarella ball like an apple.  The mozzarella that is stored in brine in high-end supermarket coolers for days at a time, for example, spends its lonely hours leaching all of its delicious butterfat into the brine, which can leave the cheese sour and rubbery.  If you plan to use the mozzarella to bake with, like in a pizza or lasagna, your mozz will still be A-OK up to a week after it’s made.  But if you’re making yourself a summer caprese salad with tomatoes and basil, or putting your mozzarella on a roast beef sandwich, you’ll definitely want it the day it was made.

The good news is, at the Creamery we make our mozzarella fresh every single day, so you never have to worry about buying stuff that’s been sitting around.  And if you want the super special treat of mozzarella just out of the brine, freshest of fresh, just pop into the Creamery in the morning around ten, and you’ll be the first to get a taste.  (Give us a call ahead of time so we can better sync our mozz-making to your arrival time.)  Or, even better, sign up for one of our mozzarella-making classes – every Saturday until the end of April – for two hours of hands-on mozz-making bliss and all you need to know for a lifetime of making your own at home.  Holding that glossy ball of cheese aloft, knowing you’ve made it yourself, is a small miracle to behold!  Tasting it is a large one.

To help celebrate the joy that is Fresh Mozzarella, we have made every Monday, Mozzarella Monday at The Creamery.  You can treat yourself to the freshest mozzarella in town for $2 off of the per-pound price!