For the Love of Cheese…

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Anyone who knows me knows that I love cheese. Few foods, few things really, are so steeped in tradition, rich in culture, and rooted in the fabric of our collective conscience. It is a food that transcends boudaries and societies. It is a life giving substance, alive itself, mutable by time and environment. Like people, cheese come in a myriad of shapes, sizes, and colors. It is a testament to human ingenuity- a way to turn the quickly perishable into something sustainable. And when all is said and done, it’s just simply delicious- a feast for all the senses.

When I was a kid in New England, I grew up about 20 minutes from a little cheese shop nestled in the first floor of a 17th century Massachusetts home. Nearly every weekend, my mom and I would load up into the station wagon and head down the winding asphalt of Rt. 2 towards Concord center. While the little cheese shop wasn’t the only place we would shop, it was always my favorite. It’s one of those places that you define your childhood by- where you laugh and eat and share those special moments with your family that stick with you forever.

That, for me, is the magic of food and especially of cheese. Every bite is a memory- past, present, or future.

I’d love to hear about your cheese and other food memories! Leave ’em in the comments.

Buy 2 Get 1 Gelato
Every day is Wednesday in the Cheese Shop now.  You can get 3 drums of gelato for the price of 2 any day of the week.  It’s a great way to try a new flavor or pair gelatos with specific desserts.  No matter what you do with them, it’s a great deal.  

Or, if you want to go large, you can get one of our Family-Sized Gelato Tubs.  For only $25, you get 64 ounces of our hand-made gelato.  Choose from Vanilla, Chocolate, Peppermint, Cinnamon, or Pumpkin.

And finally, just because you may not live close enough to Zingerman’s to pop in and grab a drum of gelato, it doesn’t mean you can’t pile some on your next slice of pecan pie.  Click here to get our gelato by mail.


Become a Cheese Maker!

Spend a Saturday in the dairy with us learning how to make mozzarella.  We still have some room left for the December 20th class.  Drop us a line if you would like a space reserved for you.  The class starts at 12pm and goes until 2:00.  We will also be holding them in January, February and March.  Stay tuned for dates.


Cheese Trays

We are now offering pre-assembled cheese trays that you can order and pick up in the Cheese Shop.  We came up with three themes that should fit nearly any occasion, and they are all filled with enough fantastic cheese to feed 8-12 foodies for only $50.  

  • The Creamery Tray
    •  1 City Goat
    • 1 Manchester
    • ½ of a Detroit Street Brick
    • ½ pound Great Lakes Cheshire
  • The All-American
    • ½ pound Point Reyes Blue
    • ½ pound Grafton 2year Cheddar
    • 1 Chelsea Log
    • 1 Bridgewater
  • The World Tour
    • ½ pound Montgomery Cheddar (England)
    • ½ pound Garrotxa (Spain)
    • ½ pound Piave (Italy)
    • ¼ pound Cashel Blue (Ireland)
    Thank you all for supporting your local cheese makers!