Classes are here!

Learn to make mozzarella-Our most popular class where you learn to make mozzarella from milk, then you get to stretch mozzarella curd into balls, a braid surrounded by fresh greek myrtle leaves and then we make burratas which are mozzarella balloons filled with cream. You’ll leave with enough mozzarella for a party. Class size is very limited so reserve now!

NEW CLASS! Gelato Making for the Kids!  If you’re looking for a fun idea for the winter break, Josh will be teaching a hands on gelato making class in December. We’ll team up in small groups to develop some REALLY unique flavors. Cost is $25 for a two hour class. Ages 9-13

In honor of the upcoming White House changing of the guard, we’re offering an extremely limited gelato run of Baracky Road. Chocolate gelato with marshmallows and toasted virginia peanuts. (Mcandy Cane is still available under the name of Peppermint)

Great Lakes Cheshire has arrived and is available at Zingerman’s Deli and the Creamery-Great Lakes Cheshire is our only raw milk hard cheese made from a recipe that dates back hundreds of years. Cheshire is related to cheddar, with a different texture and a sharper bite. These cheeses are aged anywhere from 60 to 120 days. The cheese has a natural rind with no plastic or wax coating, so as you get closer to the rind the flavor becomes more musty.

I like fruit baskets as much as the next guy, but…for a totally different spin you can send a loved one a variety pack of gelato, which includes our award winning chocolate, peppermint, vanilla, peanut butter, argentinian caramel and local fruit strawberry. Just click on the link gelato by mail

Finally, my favorite winter snack is spicy Liptauer cheese on caraway rye bread and a pint of Guiness-well, we’ve got everything but the beer. Available at the deli, the Creamery and through mail order. Liptauer by mail