This month we’re featuring our very popular City Goat. The milk from the city goat comes from the farm of Todd McDonald near Freemont, Michigan.  Working with Todd and our friend and consultant, Ivan Larcher, we discovered that by changing the timing of the various feed rations the goats are getting, the proteins, fats and overall happiness of the animals has risen. Needless to say, our happiness rises with it. The butterfat of the goats is now running about 4% which results in a richer, better flavored City Goat.  To make the City Goat, we pasteurize the milk, then add our cultures to the milk and allow it to ripen for about 7 hours at which point we add our rennet and leave the milk for another 13-16 hours until the proper acidity level has been reached. We then cut the curd and gently hand ladle the curd into cheese molds. The cheeses are allowed to drain overnight then submersed in a brine solution for 40 minutes, set out and allowed to set overnight. The cheese are unmolded wrapped and sent out the next day. We wrap the City goats in breathable paper to allow the cheese to naturally dry and change without the interference of plastic.

To welcome in the new president, Josh has created BARACKY ROAD gelato.  Rich vanilla gelato with handmade chocolate chips, roasted virginia peanuts and handmade Zingerman’s Bakehouse marshmallows. Josh blends and tempers two types of chocolate to create large chips of chocolate that hold together in the gelato without the usual waxiness of other chips. This special make flavor is only available from January 12 through January 31.  If you’d like to order this flavor and you’re not in the area, fear not, mail order will offer it prior to the inaguration in a “Joe Six Pack” box, so you can share it with friends.  Taste You Can Believe In!