Introducing… Buy 2 Get 1 Free Gelato, Everyday!

That’s right, you read that correctly.  Now, everyday at The Cheese Shop, you can get 3 12oz. drums for the price of 2!  We have all of our Winter flavors, like Paul’s Peppermint and Harvest Pumpkin in full effect, plus the usual suspects such as Roadhouse Vanilla, Dark Chocolate, Dulce de Leche.  For all of you taking notes, that’s 36 creamy, dreamy ounces of hand made Gelato for only $17.90 available every single day!


Mozzarella Classes at The Creamery!

Part of our mission at Zingerman’s is to provide a venue for education about the foods we make and sell.  The methods and recipes we use often have unique historical contexts, and part of keeping these old-world traditions alive is to share them with as many people as we can.  For their part, the Bakehouse has begun a school to teach the fine arts of bread and pastry making.  Here, at the Creamery, we offer a Mozzarella Making class where you get to make your own cheese, from start to finish, in our dairy with the help of managing partner John Loomis and cheesemaker Aubrey Thomason.  

Usually we offer the classes in the mid to late winter on through the spring, but this December, we will be proffering three early-bird classes on the 6th, 13th, & 20th in the dairy, from 12-2pm.  The cost is $45, and you will leave with enough mozzarella to start your own pizza shop, plus the knowledge to make this beloved fresh Italian cheese any time you want.

Space in the classes is very limited, so we can provide the best experience possible.  It really is a great time, and you will be amazed at just how simple it can be to make delicious, fresh cheese in your own kitchen, whenever you want in mere minutes!  Give us a call at (734) 929-0500 to reserve your spot today!  



We are know offering pre-assembled cheese trays that you can order and pick up in the Cheese Shop.  We came up with three themes that should fit nearly any occasion, and they are all filled with enough fantastic cheese to feed 8-12 foodies for only $50.  

  • The Creamery Tray
    •  1 City Goat
    • 1 Manchester
    • ½ of a Detroit Street Brick
    • ½ pound Great Lakes Cheshire
  • The All-American
    • ½ pound Point Reyes Blue
    • ½ pound Grafton 2year Cheddar
    • 1 Chelsea Log
    • 1 Bridgewater
  • The World Tour
    • ½ pound Montgomery Cheddar (England)
    • ½ pound Garrotxa (Spain)
    • ½ pound Piave (Italy)
    • ¼ pound Cashel Blue (Ireland)


    I can’t lie… I love Gelato.  As a person who usually leans more towards the savory end of the flavor spectrum, I completely melt when presented with a dish of gelato.  As a kid, I never thought dessert could get better than ice cream, but when I discovered the rich and creamy deliciousness of gelato, I knew it could.  And believe me, I never let a little thing, like a cold blustery winter, get in the way of my gelato-enjoyment.  For folks like me, or anyone that has a large gathering of folks to feed, the Creamery has achieved Gelato nirvana- a 64oz. tub.  Gelato Nirvana for only $25.

    And don’t forget, just because you might live in Nevada, it doesn’t mean you can’t dig in to a drum or 6 of our gelato.  Click this link to have a 6-pack delivered to your door.

    Good eating, everyone!