Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Thanksgiving is the ultimate Foodie holiday. Nothing sums up paradise better than a day dedicated to eating for the fine fare-loving set. So, the Cheese Shop here at Zingerman’s Creamery wanted to wish you all the very best this Thanksgiving, and here’s to another year of good eating!

Often times we’ve focused on our imports on the web site, but now I just have to turn the spotlight on to our own cheeses…

The Great Lakes Cheshire, the Creamery’s first-ever hard cheese, is out and tasting great. We’d love to share a taste with you. This recipe was the first cheese Managing Partner John Loomis ever commercially produced and it hadn’t been tasted for 25 years. The first wheels are coming out of the aging room and are available in the Cheese Shop.

The Aged Chelsea is another older recipe. We haven’t produced it on any sort of scale in several years, but for the past few months it was tweaked and brought back in to the rotation. I never got to taste the old recipe, but I’d be hard-pressed to be believe it could be any better. Quickly, the Chelsea has become one of my favorite Creamery cheeses.


Gelato is the ultimate sweet treat. Rich and creamy, sweet and smooth, I love it all year round. Having real, hand-made gelato available to me at all times is easy to take for granted. But I really can’t think of any where else that you can get gelato, or even ice cream, that’s made from farm-fresh milk, the best chocolate, vanilla, caramel, and fresh fruits around, and packed by hand. I’d write more, but my dish of Paul’s Peppermint is starting to melt…

As always, thanks for supporting your local cheesemaker!

P.S. Just because you live in California, that doesn’t mean you can’t get our gelato: gelato-by-mail!