Mozzarella Month

Burrata Beginning in August-Now that tomato season is here, we’re welcoming back our Burrata. If you’ve never had a burrata or heard of a burrata the idea is pretty simple. Take something really good, then add something really, really good.  We take fresh mozzarella, then we shape it into something that resembles a water balloon which is filled with shredded mozzarella and heavy whipping cream and tie the top. To serve it, I cover a dish with lettuce or arugula, cover that with sliced tomatoes and place the burrata in the center. Then slice open the burrata so that the cream and shredded mozzarella seep onto the tomatoes and lettuce, cut up the remaining mozzarella, spred that around, then a little olive oil, sea salt , pepper and spoon it on to a piece of paesano bread. My wife believes that the burrata serves two people, but that requires more discipline than I have.  The burratas are available Friday and Saturday. Because they are extremely perishable, we make a limited supply, so please feel free to give us a call and we’ll reserve them for you. Also, with a day’s notice, we can make them special order for any day of the week.


We have just received a fantastic Lancashire, and while I usually reserve this section to talk about cheeses we make, Lancashire holds very special memories for me and it ties well into tomato season.  I spent a number of months working with a particular cheesemaker in England who was very fond of serving Lancashire on a sandwich for lunch. I mean VERY fond of it, to the point that I believe we ate this sandwich four of the five days a week for three months. Spread Busha Browne’s Banana Chutney on a slice of Farm bread, lay two slices of garden tomatoes on top and cover with a slice of Kirkham’s Lancashire. Place it under the broiler very briefly, i don’t like to fully melt the cheese, i prefer to pull it out when the cheese aspires to melt. As many time as I ate this sandwich, I never tired of it. Alright, that might be a slight exageration. in fact I got very tired of it, but tomato season will end long before you reach that point.

Aubrey’s Green Thumb-Aubrey has planted herbs in front of the shop, so when you pick up your mozzarella, please help yourself to some basil leaves to go with it. There’s also fennel, thyme, rosemary, parsley and I’m sure something I’m missing.

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