Summer Happiness!

Gelato Kick-Off

I just wanted to take a moment and thank everyone who came out for our Gelato Kick-off and helped make it a smashing success!  It was so great to see all the new faces mixed in with our regulars who have steadfastly supported us since Day One.  And, of course, I want to thank Josh for sharing his knowledge with our guests and for making gelato like a madman so we were able to keep up with the lines!

Thank you all!

We have some great offerings available in the Cheese Shop:


Summer flavors are here: Coconut, Lemon, and Strawberry! My absolute favorite is the Lemon- made with the Bakehouse’s amazing Lemon Curd, it’s sweet, tart and refreshing on a hot summer day.    Stay tuned for more special flavors…


We are working hard to continue bringing in our favorite imports from around the country and the world to supplement the cheeses we make and offer in The Cheese Shop.  I’ve highlighted a couple of the cheeses that have been rocking my world lately.  We’d love to taste them, and anything else you see, with you the next time your in!


One of the imports I’m most excited about is Joe Schneider’s Stichelton, a raw milk Stilton that has won me over.  Joe has spent the last 2 years bringing this extinct cheese back to life.  Using traditional methods and raw milk, Stichelton has a flavor not tasted since 1989 when the laws governing the manufacturing of Stilton were cast in stone.  Aged four to six months, this exquisitely creamy cheese is laden with blue and green veins and has a buttery flavor that finishes with a lingering sweetness that is sure to delight your palate.  Try a big hunk on your next burger, veggie or otherwise!

Pointe Reyes Blue

Another blue that easily makes my top-ten-favorite-cheese list, this American delight hails from the Left Coast and is a true farmstead cheese.  Crafted by the Giacomini family in Northern California from their small herd of Holsteins, it has a full, yet mellow flavor and has a wonderful sweetness in the finish.  This is my favorite blue for salads.


This washed-rind gem is a new one for us, and has quickly found a place in my heart.  Made by Mary Burns in County Cork, Ireland, Ardrahan pairs a pungent aroma with a milky-sweet flavor that melts on your tongue.  I have simply fallen in love with this pasteurized cow’s milk cheese, all it took was one taste to seal the deal for me.  This one has been moving quickly, but it has definitely cemented itself into our permanent rotation, so if we are out when you come looking, it will be back!

The Manchester

This baby is one of our very own and it is tasting better than ever!  A double-creamed cow’s milk that’s rich and velvety, the Manchester has a fragrant rind and a buttery pastes that melts in your mouth.  I like them young, and they are superb when spread on a crusty Bakehouse baguette and topped with a dollop of Busha Browne’s Banana Chutney.  It’s also unbelievable when topped with a sweet preserve, wrapped in puff pastry, and baked in the oven until its ooey, gooey, and absolutely delicious!

We look forward to seeing you at The Creamery!  Come on by for tastes or conversation any time.  We love sharing what we do with all of you!