Farmer’s Markets have begun. There is really nothing more fun or gratifying than farmer’s markets, so this year we’ve added the Ypsilanti Market along with the Ann Arbor Wednesday and Saturday market with the thursday Westside Market just a few weeks away. So far, the fresh mozzarella wrapped around layers of Prosciutto di Parma has been a big hit.

New Cheese. We’ve been trying out a new goat cheese at the shop and at the markets and we’re hoping to make it available to our wholesale customers very soon. The french call them Crottins (you don’t want to know what that means) but they are small mold ripen goat cheeses that will become, with time, hard and brittle. They can be split and broiled or after they’ve dried, can be grated on to pasta, a nice twist to parmagiano.

Summer Gelato is here. Starting June 1st Coconut and Lemon Gelato make their return. To further mark the occassion, we’re holding our annual Gelato Kick-off on June 14th. Come to the Creamery and get a FREE scoop of gelato.

Old McDonald’s Goat Farm. We’ve made arrangements with Todd McDonald to make all our goat cheeses using his milk. While Todd is quite young, he does call the farm, Old McDonald’s Farm. We’re extremely excited to partner with Todd and work together to continue to improve the cheese and the milk. More later on Todd’s farm and goats.