The Argyle Returns!

ArgyleNot as well known as the Capistrano swallows or the rodent of Puxatawny, the Argyle is nevertheless, our favorite harbinger of spring. The Argyle cheese is back from it’s 9 month vacation for it’s annual spring run. Descended from a cheese of the 15th century West Highlands of Scotland, the Argyle combines two of my favorite things-cheese and oatmeal. Doulble cream cheese is pressed, formed into mini logs and rolled in toasted pinhead oatmeal. Sliced into disks and served with either jam or honey for breakfast, tea or dessert this cheese falls out of the normal parameters we generally think of for cheese.

Storing cheese at home
We get asked this question frequently and unfortunately there is no one good answer to cover all cheese. In a perfect world, the mold ripened cheeses (like the Manchester and the Napoleon) do well at 65 degrees and 90% humidity. The closest I can duplicate this at my house is to place a cutting board on a damp towel, place the cheeses on the board and cover the whole thing with a glass dome. This works pretty well for this time of season, but it will be too warm during the summer, when i’ll keep them wrapped in wax coated freezer paper and store them in the vegetable bin of my refrigerator. Of course the best solution is to get only enough cheese to last a few days and then replace it when you run out. Fresh cheeses (like Cream Cheese and the City Goat) need to be kept in the refrigerator, wrapped to protect them from those odd refrigerator odors, then, preferably allow the cheese to come to room temperature for serving.

Brown Bread Gelato
The surprise gelato hit of the spring (okay, I know it’s not yet spring-but I’m good at denial) has been Josh’s- suspend preconceptions, creative Brown Bread. Irish Brown Soda Bread from Zingerman’s Bakehouse is caramalized and folded into the gelato. Check out the gelato page for more details about how Josh combines this unlikely pair into a fascinating dessert. Also back for the month is Irish Mint Chip featuring Josh’s velvet smooth handmade chocolate chips, and one of my favorites Guinness. Guinness gelato is a flavor that plays extremely well with chocolate, either a small scoop on chocolate cake or topped with dark chocolate sauce.