Valentine’s Day has passed. I’ve always thought that a fresh goat cheese rolled in herbs and decorated on top would be a nice and novel Valentine’s gift. I stand corrected. I learned that goat cheese is not a substitute for the more conventional expressions of affection.

So, for some of us, we are thankful that Chocolate Gelato month still has a little more than a week remaining. But time is running out on this year’s selection: Chocolate Turtle, Chocolate with Balsamic Strawberries, Chocolate Rocky Ride and the others, then they’ll be gone until next February. Still enough time to make up for my earlier bad judgment.

Next week kicks off our three month run of the Argyle. The Argyle is a double cream cheese pressed into a log that’s about four inches long and one and a half inches in diameter. The cheese is then rolled in freshly toasted pinhead oatmeal. It is best eaten for breakfast, as a dessert or, for my British friends, at tea. To serve, I recommend letting the cheese come to room temperature, then cut the cheese into half inch discs and top the slices with jam, honey or maple syrup. The slightly tangy, slightly salty cheese is offset by the sweetness and the nutty flavor of the oatmeal.

We are planning on another home shipment of gelato for March and Josh is putting the finishing touches on several new flavors for the month. Still in development is Irish Mint Chip featuring his velvet smooth handmade chocolate chips, and what would March be without Guinness Gelato,  where Josh combines Guinness and sugar and very slowly reduces it down into a syrup which is then blended into the gelato mix.