July is Mozzarella Month

All month long we’re featuring this Italian classic in many different forms.

Fresh Mozzarella – Our extremely popular mozzarella made fresh every morning. This cheese is best eaten the day it’s made. If you can do this, don’t refrigerate it. This will keep it soft and milky. When you cut into a really fresh mozzarella it will weep milk.

Burrata – This fresh mozzarella is made by forming a deep pocket, which is then filled with shredded mozzarella and heavy cream. If a fresh ball of mozzarella weeps milk when cut, the burrata pours it. The burrata is placed on a bed of greens and sliced tomatoes, then cut open, at which point the cream pours out into the lettuce and tomatoes which are scooped up with chunks of crusty Italian bread.

Mozzarella and Myrtle – Greek myrtle is closely related to Bay leaf and the aroma is fantastic. It was originally used to make the crowns for Olympic champions and was said to be a favorite of Aphrodite, making it a symbol of love. We take a braid of fresh mozzarella and surround it with branches of fragrant myrtle. The braid is then baked until gooey, the myrtle branches removed, olive oil poured over the top, maybe some cracked pepper and spooned onto chunks of Paesano bread.

Other Featured Things

Classic Parmigiano Reggiano – No need to say more about one of the world’s greatest cheeses. Try broiling a Bakehouse foccacia with slices of mozzarella, piquillo peppers, grated parmigiano reggiano and olive oil.

Piave – Rapidly gaining in popularity with cheese aficionados, this hard cheese comes from around the Piave river in Veneto, Italy. I like to marinate cubes in olive oil and serve with cacciatore salami and a hearty red wine on a summer day on the back porch at dusk with the fireflies starting to rise. Okay you can skip the back porch and the fireflies.

Cacciatore Salami – Made with Niman Ranch pork, these incredibly flavorful salamis are the perfect summertime picnic pairing with cheese.

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What’s Coming in August:
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