One of my earliest cheesemaking lessons came at the hands of a great cheesemaker on the west coast of Wales. I was fortunate to spend over six months working with him and learning, although not always about cheese. On my second day there, we were relaxing at the local pub, when he reached across, grabbed me by the collar and said, “cheesemaking is very easy. You get the best milk you can find, and try not to mess it up (expletive deleted) when you turn it into cheese.” I dismissed the comment at the time, thinking it was the pent up frustrations of a moaning old welshman, but came to realize later that with everything I’ve ever been taught, no truer or more accurate description exists than that succinct comment. The difficulty is that everything a cheesemaker does damages the milk and the more that is done to meet the economic and distribution difficulties of today’s world, the more the milk is destroyed.

The other thing I love about the comment is that it reminds us to respect the milk and our farmer who goes to great lengths to produce milk of extremely high quality. He, and the cows deserve to have their milk treated with proper care.

Cheese Pick
I believe the high quality and high butterfat of the goat milk at this season is helping to produce some of the best Detroit St. Bricks we’ve ever had.

Pistachio gelato is in town for a brief two month tour, then it’ll be gone until next year. Unlike other Pistachio Gelato and Ice Creams that use almonds and peanuts and just a hint of pistachio flavoring (whatever that is), Josh uses PURE ground pistachio paste to make this seasonal favorite.

Also making a holiday appearance is my personal favorite Peppermint with Hammond peppermint and boyajian peppermint oil. My daughter turned me on to mixing chocolate and peppermint. Hammond candy company was started in Denver over eighty years ago.

By the way, the fresh goat round has a new name- “City Goat”.

Coming in December:
Enter the Dragon – Our newest cheese is a pressed goat cheese that is rolled in fresh chopped tarragon.
Honey! I made the Gelato – More on Josh’s new honey flavored gelato later.